Thousands visit Titanic Exhibition Bristol

Two visitors peering into a glass cabinet with historic artefacts. Faces illuminated by LED information display boards

Nearly 13,000 visitors flocked to the Paintworks in Bristol this February to view a unique collection of artefacts from the Titanic’, as well as items from its sister ships and shipyard’s history. Also on show were a variety of interactive displays, as well as a large replica of the Titanic’s sunken bow.

The exhibition featured many never-before-seen items and displays, alongside insights into Bristol’s connections to the ill-fated vessel.

Tom Rudderham, Director of White Star Heritage, gave the BBC a chance to have a closer look at the collection. Speaking to them about the impact the Titanic still has to this day, Mr Rudderham remarked:

“They are priceless artefacts that tell an important story. It’s part of our heritage and culture. It’s a story that resonates with so many people and it was also a turning point in history. It was the end of the Edwardian era and there was a class system that doesn’t really exist now, in a way. It was a story of so many coincidences, so much bad luck, having the richest people on board, the creators of the ship, the maiden voyage – it all comes together in this incredible story that is so fascinating but also so tragic.”

The exhibition next moves onto Birmingham NEC this July and August, where a much larger collection will be on display, with newly acquired artefacts, audio-visual immersive displays and a revamped audio guide and guidebook. Information and tickets are available at

Adult and child look up at recreation of the Titanic's bow, illuminated by blue underwater lighting